2014 Health Maps

Coldwater Creek Health Maps depict illness and disease in our community as a result of exposure to contamination from Manhattan Project waste materials that sat out in the elements next to Coldwater Creek at the St. Louis Airport Site (SLAPS) & the Hazelwood Interim Storage Site (HISS). Coldwater Creek Health Maps are copyrighted material and must be sourced/linked back to this site. Maps may not be used for marketing and/or commercial purposes.

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*generously a community similar to our size should see a maximum of 8 cases
Autoimmune (320)
Brain (113 reported / 95 brain + 18 noncancerous)
Cancer (All) (Almost 3300 reports of cancer or other illness)
Thyroid (202 / 59 thyroid + 143 thyroid conditions)

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*All files are Adobe .pdf format and available for download. Coldwater Creek Health Maps may be posted on other websites but must link back to www.coldwatercreekfacts.com.
Coldwater Creek Health Maps may not be used for marketing materials and/or commercial purposes.

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Background on maps:

Genesis: Facebook users posting information on illness and residence on Coldwater Creek – Just the Facts group

  • Approximately 750 cases
  • Information collected and hand-entered

After Leisa Zigman’s KSDK story in January, 2013, group
membership expanded dramatically

  • Today almost 8400 members
  • Automated data collection process using SurveyMonkey
  • Directed from FB site to survey link
  • Informed that we were collecting this voluntary information to
    produce maps

Survey information

  • Almost 2800 additional reports via survey through October, 2013
  • Added the original Facebook cases prior to the survey launch
  • Removed by hand duplicate entries, entries without sufficient information
  • Almost 3300 reports of cancer or other illness
  • Complete list of other illnesses available on Facebook site

Today: maps of over 1400 cases:

  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Thyroid problems
  • Many no longer living in area

Only information from those who heard about site and
volunteered information