2015 Health Maps

Coldwater Creek Health Maps depict illness and disease in our community as a result of exposure to contamination from Manhattan Project waste materials that sat out in the elements next to Coldwater Creek at the St. Louis Airport Site (SLAPS) & the Hazelwood Interim Storage Site (HISS). Coldwater Creek Health Maps are copyrighted material and must be sourced/linked back to this site. Maps may not be used for marketing and/or commercial purposes.

Appendix – 45 reported cases*
Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery (April 2015) states that incidence is .97 in a population of 100,000
*Additional cases identified but not included until officially reported to health survey
Autoimmune Disease – 448 reported cases
Brain Cancer or Brain Tumors – 184 reported cases
Cancer – 1993 reported cases
Lupus – 53 reported cases
Multiple Sclerosis – 84 reported cases
Thyroid Cancer and Disease – 315 reported cases
All Reported Illnesses from survey respondents – 2725 reported cases

Survey Information
Category 2015 2014 New
Autoimmune Disease 448 320 128
Appendix Cancer 45 37 8
Brain Cancer / Tumors 184 113 71
Thyroid Cancer / Conditions 332 202 130
Total Cancer 1993 1242 751
Over 4500 volunteered reports to the health survey

*All files are Adobe .pdf format and available for download. Coldwater Creek Health Maps may be shared on other websites but must link back to www.coldwatercreekfacts.com.

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Health Survey Genesis:

  • Group of Friends, Neighbors and Relatives
  • Information collected and hand-entered
  • Noticed high rates of illness and death in our peers
  • Started Facebook Group to inquire about health issues in 2011
  • Group currently has 10,700 members
  • Initiated Health Survey due to overwhelming response
  • Survey monkey is voluntary, based on self-reporting
  • Over 4500 participants as of August 2015


  • Disease/ Illness appears to be spread throughout North County, and not limited
    to the creek
  • MO DHSS reported higher than average cancers in watershed zip codes in 2014
  • Majority of illness reported to health survey corresponds to disease caused by LATENT CHRONIC LOW level ionizing radiation exposure:
    – Primary Cancers
    – Autoimmune Disease
    – Premature Dental Decay
    – Infertility/ Reproductive Issues
    – Genetic Mutations/ Non-hereditary Cancers in Children
  • Survey diseases do NOT match health effects of alternate creek contamination, including e-coli, Agent Orange, airplane fuel, etc.